Q : Do I have to pay tax on my rental order?


A: Yes. The Meaningful Details LLC is licensed in the State of Washington and is required to charge tax on all rental orders. Our current tax rate in Bonney Lake is  08.8%.  For example, if you had a $100 order your tax would be $8.80.

Q: Do you offer delivery?


A.  Yes we do offer delivery and pick up service to local venues at affordable pricing. 

Please note:  There is a minimum order of $200 if delivery is more than 20 miles from Bonney Lake.  Contact us for more information.

Q: Would you accept any size rental order?

A: Yes, of course! Even if there were only one item in or
inventory that you would like to rent feel free to contact us! Please
do keep in mind that a credit carad will need to be kept on file regardless the size of order.

Q: Why do you collect a Retainer Fee?

A: We take a $50 retainer fee to hold the date you have requested.  In our rental business we have to turn people away if a date or item is already reserved.  So it is quite frustrating when someone says they want to reserve a date but then change their mind. When a client puts money down we know for sure the date is secure.  This retainer fee will be applied towards your rental balance.

 Q: Can rental items be shipped?


A: We have had requests to ship our rental items locally as well as out of state. Unfortunately with the chance of breakage and the time it would take we cannot ship.

Q: What can I expect when I pick up my rental order?


A: First thing to keep in mind is that the vehicle you bring is large enough to pick up your rental items. This is most important if you have requested
wine barrels or other large items.  And per our rental agreement, rentals  must be transported in an enclosed vehicle (suv, pick up with canopy, cargo trailer, ect. ).  This insures all items are protected against theft and/or damaging weather.


 a rental agreement and client info sheet is to be filled out for our
records. If we have not received these forms from you when date was booked, then we will have you fill them out at pick up. All monies are due at pick up. Items cannot be released if balance is not paid.