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PB Glass Beverage Dispenser


Our desire to offer beverage dispensers with metal spigots only, led us to Pottery Barn where we found these classic styled drink dispensers.
 Serve up sangria, flavored water or the iced thirst quencher of your choice for a beautiful beverage display.


Large- Holds 3 gallons and measures 14" high with 10" diameter. 

Four available - $15 each


Small- Holds 1.9 gallons and measures 11" high with a 9" diameter. 

Two available - $10 rental



Glass Mason Jar Dispenser

Also from Pottery Barn, this mason-jar inspired beverage dispenser has a stainless steel spigot and a metal lid.  Dispenser holds 1.5 gallons, measures 12" high and has a 7" base.


Four Available - Rental cost $10 each



Teal Colored Glass Mason Jar Dispenser

Also from Pottery Barn and identical to dispensers above only a beautiful teal colored glass.

Holds 1.5 gallons


Two Available - Rental cost is $10 each


Acrylic Beverage Dispenser


This barrel shaped dispenser is lightweight and shatterproof, making it a welcome additon to children's parties or outdoor events where breakage could be a concern. Purchased from Pottery Barn, dispenser has a stainless steel spigot and metal lid. Measures 11.5" high and holds 2 gallons.  BPA free.


Two Available - Rental Cost $8 each



Galvanized Beverage Dispenser Stand


Add extra height to the beverage table with these wonderfully rustic stands!


5" high with a 9" diameter



Six Available - $5 each


Dispenser Stand

Add elegance to the beverage dispenser with these beautiful white stands. Or go bold and add a pop of color with the blue or turquoise! Stands are crafted from glazed earthenware and measure 6" High with a 8" diameter.


Quantity available..

White - 4

Blue - 2

Turquoise - 2


Rental cost of $5 each

Liberty Beverage Dispenser

Dispenser is a good choice for the larger guest count as it's a big one holding 2.5 gallons.  It has a metal spigot and a fun "liberty" design embossed on the thick heavy glass.

Included with this dispenser is a galvanized stand that can double as an ice bucket if needed.


Three available

Rental cost for dispenser with stand - $15


Glass Beverage Dispenser

Beverage dispenser has a stainless steel spigot and is made from recycled glass which gives it that slight green tint. Holds
three gallons. (Cold beverages only)

Two available - $10.00 each


Beehive Style Beverage Dispenser

Beverage dispenser also has a stainless steel spigot and is made from recycled glass but has a fun beehive shape.

Perfect container for ice tea or lemonade at the Summer time events!

Holds three gallons.

Two available - $10.00 each


Galvanized Beverage Tubs

Large tub measures 11" high with a 21" diameter.  Smaller tub is 10" high and has a 16" diameter.

Rental cost...

$4.00 large - one available

$3.00 small - one available

Stainless steel Beverage Tub.

One available - $5.00 Rental.



Enamel Beverage Tubs.

White Enamel Tubs


Oval - two available

Round - one available 

Rental cost is $3.00 each



Vintage Galvanized Beverage Tubs

Having a rustic event and needing a tub or two to ice those bottled beverages?  These cool old tubs would be ideal!


Two sizes to choose from...


Large - 25" diameter - Rental cost $10

Medium - 22.5" diameter - Rental cost $8


XL Vintage Beverage Tub/Trough

Our big ol' vintage trough was found abandoned and forgotten but looking past it's grime we knew it was a beauty!

We rescued it, polished it up and now offer this amazing piece as a rental for your rustic/outdoor event.  It's HUGE and quite possibly could serve up enough bottled beverages for the entire guest list!


Trough comes with a rustic stand that brings it to the perfect height. The stand is made from re-purposed lumber, it's solid and heavy - and a perfect match for the vintage trough! 


Tub measures.. 62" wide x 26" deep and 12.5" high. 

Stand is 18" high.


Rental cost for tub and stand - $60


Wheel Barrow

Vintage wheelbarrow has it's original sunny yellow paint.  

Fill it with ice and bottled beverages and wheel it to where the guests are gathering for a pop of color and a pop of fun!


Rental cost $18