Galvanized Bucket

Use buckets to line the wedding aisle.

Just add baby's breath, sunflowers or your floral choice for an easy and inexpensive pop of color!


7" high (not including handle) with a 8.75" diameter


13 available

Rental cost - $2 each


 Flower Girl Bucket

Why spend money purchasing a flower girl bucket when you can rent ours?  And this one is adorable with it's distressed paint trimmed with lace and accented with a sweet metal flower!


Bucket measures...


One available - $3 rental


Large Wicker Baskets

Extra large wicker baskets are great for favors, flip flops and flowers! 

Rental Cost $3 each


Picture #1  - Round basket no handle.

Measures... 8.5" high with a 20" diameter

Picture #2  - Square basket

Measures...19" x 16" and is 7" high (not including handle)

Picture #3 - Round basket with handle

Measures...6" high (not including handle) with a 19" diameter

Rustic Basket

Made from actual twigs - this basket would look lovely at a woodsy or rustic event!


Basket has a 12" diameter.  Basket itself is 6 1/2" high - 16" high when including handle.


One Available - $3 Rental cost


Wire Baskets

These white wire baskets are perfect for bread or rolls on the

buffet table.

Nice sturdy baskets!

2 sizes available - round measures 11" diameter - Rectangle measures 14" x 10" wide

Rental cost - $1.50 each



Silver Buckets

Largest bucket measures 5" high by 5.5" wide

(Qty 20) - Rental cost of .75 each

Small bucket is 4" high by 3.75" wide

(Qty 4) in this size - .30 each