White Cupcake Tower

This stand is quality made and can hold approximately 208 standard size cupcakes.  Takes just minutes to set up and break down.


Has five layers with layers measuring from largest to smallest...  26", 22, 18, 14" and the top layer has a 10" diameter. 

Each layer can also be reversed to use for cake pops. 


Ribbon colors to choose from....



Bright Pink

Soft Pink 

Royal Blue 

Bluebird Blue







Rental cost for Cupcake tower and choice of ribbon - $50


Metal Cake Stands



Beautiful gold metal stand comes in two sizes.  Use one for a stunning wedding cake display or multiple on the dessert table!


Large stand measures 13" high with a 14" diameter.  Can accomodate a cake upto 13 inches.

Two available - $15 each


Small stand is 11" high with a 11" diameter. 

Can accomodate a cake upto 10 inches.

Five available - $12 each


"Felicia" - Gold

Stands are solid and heavy! 


Check the measurements carefully on the largest size as it's a big one!


Large - 11.25" high with a 22.75" diameter.

One available

Rental Cost - $20


Small  - is 8.5" high with a 15" diameter.

Three available

Rental cost - $10 each


"Felicia" - Silver

Stands are solid and heavy! 


Check the measurements carefully on the largest size as it's a big one!


Large - 11.25" high with a 22.75" diameter.

Two available

Rental Cost - $20


Small  - is 8.5" high with a 15" diameter.

Four available

Rental cost - $10 each



Bright Gold metal with a heavy marble insert. 

A sturdy and beautiful choice for the wedding cake!


Cake stand measures 4.25" high with a 13" diameter.

Marble insert is 12" in diameter.


Two available

Rental Cost - $10



A pretty gold cake stand, perfect for the 6" cutting cake!


Cake stand measures 6 1/2" high with a 8" diameter.


Rental Cost - $5


Cake stand is quality made!  It's quite heavy duty, very sturdy and absolutely perfect for a rustic themed event!


6" high with a 11" diameter.

One available - $8 rental


Cake stand is made of metal, painted a cream color and slightly distressed.  Shabby and sweet!


Stand is 8" high with a 10" diameter


Two available - $5 rental


Vintage silverplate cake stands are always beautiful on the dessert table! 

Stand Measures 12" in diameter and can accommodate a cake up to 10".

Two available - Rental cost - $5 each 


Metal cake stands are quality made.  Bright white has a bit of distressing allowing for the gray/silver undertones to come through. 


Large cake stand is 12" in diameter and 5" high

One available - $10 rental cost

Small cake stand is 8" diameter and 5.25" high.

One available - $5 rental cost


Silver metal cake stand is 8 3/4" diameter and 8" high. 

This stand would be perfect used for a small cutting cake!


One available - $5 rental cost

Clear Glass Cake Stands



Clear glass cake stand is from McKee Glass co. and manufactured from 1957 - 1958.   Pure vintage beauty and a stunning way to showcase that special cake!


7" high with a 10" diameter.


One available - $10 rental






Colored Glass Cake Stands



Pink depression glass and ruffled edges, these cake stands are as sweet as they come!


Smallest size would be perfect for a 6" cutting cake as it measures 7" diameter and is 3" high.


Largest cake stand is 3" high and has a 11" diameter


Small stand - $5 rental

Large Stand - $8 rental


Jill's amber color is bright and beautiful and would be a lovely pop of color when used for the wedding cake or on the dessert table!  


Measures 4.5" high and 10" diameter.  Scalloped edge has a rolled lip so cake can be up to 9".


Four available - $5 each


Sofie is a soft seafoam green colored glass.


Cake stand measures 7 1/4" high and will accommodate a cake up

to 9" diameter. 


$5 Rental





Pink Glass Cake Stands

Assorted cake stands in a soft pink color.

10.5 - 12" in diameter

Four styles to choose from.


Rental cost - $5 each


White Cake Stands



Simple edged cake stand will accomodate a cake up to 12" in diameter. 


Four available  - $7 each


Brilliant white and surrounded with "ruffles",  Marie is as feminine as a cake stand can be! 


(Please note, smaller cake plate no longer available)


Marie is 4 1/2" high and will accommodate a cake up to 9 1/2" diameter.


Two available  - $5 each


Needing a cake stand for a small cutting cake?  Our Maddi cake plate accommodates a 6" cake perfectly!


Measures 5" high with a 9" diameter


Two Available - $4 each

Assorted White Cake/Dessert Stands

These versatile cake stands can be used on the dessert table for a beautiful display or choose just one for the wedding cake!

All are the same bright white and the different edging adds more dimension to the sweets table!


10  Available - Rental cost $6 each


White Platters 

White Platters are a perfect match to our white cake stands above. 


Square - measures 12" square

Three available - Rental cost $5 each


Large oval measures 19" x 10"

Two available - Rental cost $6 each


Decorative edged oval 15" x 12"

One available - $5 rental cost


Old Fashioned Glass Jars


Two Gallon Glass Jar

If needing a LARGE jar for a trail mix or popcorn bar, this may be the solution!  Extra large jar holds two gallons! 


Two Available  $8 each.


One Gallon Glass Jar

One gallon glass jar with lid. 

Super cute when used for a cookie or trailmix bar!


14 available

Rental cost - $5 each 


Half Gallon Glass Jar

Identical to larger jars shown above, just in a half gallon size. 

Three available.  $3 each

Candy Scoops

Adorable for the candy or trail mix bar! 


If you look closely at the miniature tongs you will read

"gimmie some sugar"


Shown in a bowl of sixlets to help visualize sizes.


.75 each

Mis-matched saucers

Our mis-matched saucers are perfect for the Vintage themed wedding! Different colors and designs that are sized just right for cake or horsd'oevres.


150 saucers available for rent. .60 each