"All you need is LOVE. But a little CHOCOLATE now and then doesn't hurt!" 

               - Charles M Schulz  

Shabby White Display Ladder

Looking for something different to display desserts at your event? Think outside the box....think of a display ladder!


We purchased a new wooden ladder (for stability) and added solid wood shelving.  Warm white chalk paint was slightly distressed to give it all a "it's been in the barn for years!" look.  Fun way to display desserts, wedding favors or glassware at your rustic or vintage themed event!


Ladder with four solid wood shelves - $40 rental



Rustic Cupcake Tower 

This little beauty stands 18 1/2" high and will hold approximately 84 standard size cakes. 

The 3 tier's are 12", 16" 20".  Cupcake stand is made from the same re-purposed lumber as our ldder stand pictured below and could be used together to create a beautifully rustic dessert table!


Rental cost $30



Rustic Cupcake Ladder

Beautifully crafted from old weathered boards. This absolutely adorable 4 tiered cupcake stand can be the star of the show on your dessert table! Or for the creative thinker the possibilities are endless.

Stand is larger than it appears as the cupcakes shown in picture are full size.  If using for mini cupcakes, the top tier will hold 40 cupcakes, the bottom three tiers will hold 20 each for a total of 100 cakes.

dimensions are...


     15 1/2" high x 20" wide x 20" deep

Top shelf is 7 1/2" deep  -   3 bottom tiers are 4 1/4" deep

Two stands available - Rental cost- $20 each



Tree trunk 3-tiered Cupcake Stand

Beautifully crafted from natural logs and warmly stained pine boards, this stand is very large and is shown holding full sized cupcakes. Striking centerpiece for your dessert table!

Will hold 125 full size cupcakes.


The stands base is a 22" square. Each of the tiers are 13 1/2" square. The tiers are 7", 13", and 19" high.


One available

Rental cost- $40



Rustic Risers

Bring perfect height to your cutting cake with a rustic riser.  Measure 12" square and in three heights shown below...


Heights available....

3 1/2" high - 30 available - (this size is our "Centerpiece platform". Rental cost $2.50 ea)


4"  high - Three available

6" high  - Four available


$4 each


Risers below have a character all their own.  Individual info of each listed below...

"Case" Riser/Cake Stand

Repurposed lumber used for this riser is more of a gray tone. 

Its a handsome one! 


Measures 5.25" high with a 18" square surface.


One available - $10 rental



"Weslie" Riser/Cake Stand

Our largest rustic cake stand!

Measures 5" high with a 16.25" square surface that can accomodate the largest of cakes!


One available - $12 rental




"Patrick" Riser/Cake stand

This rustic stand is made from re-purposed wood which gives it that wonderfully aged feel.  Beautiful for the wedding cake!


Stands 6" high and and is 14" square


One available - $10 rental



"Mark Alan" Riser/Cake stand

This one is unique and rugged! A perfect cake riser for the rustic dessert table! 


Top measures 11" x 11" square.  Stands 10.5" high.


Rental cost - $8



"Kelly" Riser/Cake stand

This is our tallest riser measuring 12.5" high. 

Top is square 12.5" x 12.5.


Two to choose from...

Both are identical in size, but hand crafted from different types of wood.

Rustic Brown or a chippy gray as shown in photos.  Please do specify which style when placing order.


Rental cost $8 each


"Eat Cake"

Vintage flash cards paired with a green vintage frog... ok this is just purely for fun! :)


Flash cards measure 3.5" x 2.25"

Rental cost for set - $3



White Cupcake Tower

This stand is quality made and can hold approximately 208 standard size cupcakes.  Takes just minutes to set up and break down.


Has five layers with layers measuring from largest to smallest...  26", 22, 18, 14" and the top layer has a 10" diameter. 

Each layer can also be reversed to use for cake pops. 


Ribbon colors to choose from....



Bright Pink







Cupcake tower has it's own storage bag for easy transport.


Rental cost for Cupcake tower with all five layers and choice of ribbon - $50


If needing just four layers - rental cost is $40



Vintage Plate Pedestal Server/Cake Stands

Bring a vintage touch to the buffet, dessert bar or tea party with these beautiful pedestal servers.  Or use just one for a perfect cutting cake display!


The large plates are dinner plate size while the smaller being saucer sized. Each pedestal has a clear glass stand and are all slightly different in height.

The mis-matched dinner plates complement each other with their pretty shades of pinks, burgandy's and golds.  


Set a time to hand pick those that would work with your dessert table and/or cake vision or tell us what you are looking for and we'll do our best to pick for you!

Saucer size - Two available -  Rental cost $2 each

Dinner plate size  - 10 available - Rental cost $4 each


Metal Cake Stands




We splurged when we purchased this galvanized cake stand.  Didn't want to worry of a wobbly cake and there are no worries of that with this beauty!  Cake stand is quality made!  It's quite heavy duty, very sturdy and absolutely perfect for a rustic themed event!


6" high with a 11" diameter.

One available - $8 rental


Cake stand is made of metal, painted a cream color and slightly distressed.  Shabby and sweet!


Stand is 8" high with a 10" diameter


Two available - $5 rental


Vintage silverplate cake stands are always beautiful on the dessert table! 

Stand Measures ..

Two available - Rental cost - $5 each 



Metal cake stands are quality made.  Bright white has a bit of distressing allowing for the gray/silver undertones to come through. 



Large cake stand is 12" in diameter and 5" high

One available - $10 rental cost

Small cake stand is 8" diameter and 5.25" high.

One available - $5 rental cost



Glass Cake Stands

Pictures and more information on individual cake stands below....




Clear glass cake stand is from McKee Glass co. and manufactured from 1957 - 1958.   Pure vintage beauty and a stunning way to showcase that special cake!


7" high with a 10" diameter.


One available - $10 rental



Anna is accented with gold along the rim and base of stand.  Measuring 4 3/4" high -  this cake stand can accommodate a cake up to 9 1/4" in diameter.

Three available  -  Rental cost of $4 each. 



Millie is love at first sight.  The embossed edging adds just the right amount of sweetness to this vintage clear glass cake stand. Stand measures 4" high and has a 11" diameter.

$5 Rental



Phoebe is quite lovely with it's pretty shade of green and sweet ruffled edge. 


Stand is 5" high and can accomodate a cake up to 8'


One available - $5 rental



This vintage cake stand is from the 1970"s. It's amber color is bright and beautiful and would be a lovely pop of color when used for the wedding cake or on the dessert table!  


Measures 4.5" high and 10" diameter.  Scalloped edge has a rolled lip so cake can be up to 9".


Three available - $5 each




Butter yellow and adorable, this sweet cake stand looks amazing on a rustic riser! 

Sunny measures 6" high and will accommodate a cake up

to 11 1/2" diameter.


$5 Rental



Stella is a beautiful blue glass cake stand.

Stands 5" high and can accommodate a cake up to 8.5" diameter.


$5 Rental




Need a fun pop of color for the wedding cake or sweets table?  This glass cake stand is a bright teal and quite pretty.


Measures 4.5" high and can accommodate a cake up to 10.5" in diameter.


One available - $5 rental



Pretty pink cake stand is ideal for any type of celebration!


Measures 3.5" high and can accommodate a cake up to 10" diameter.


One available - $5 rental



Measuring at just 2 3/4" high and a diameter that will accommodate a cake up to  9 3/4"  - Jessie is pure milk glass sweetness!


$5 Rental


Brilliant white and surrounded with "ruffles",  Marie is as feminine as a cake stand can be! 


(Please note, smaller cake plate no longer available)


Marie is 4 1/2" high and will accommodate a cake up to 9 1/2" diameter.


Two available  - $5 each




Needing a cake stand for a small cutting cake?  Our Maddi cake plate accommodates a 6" cake perfectly!




Two Available - $3 each



"Jean and Jeanette"

Pink depression glass....is there really anything prettier? 

Scroll down for Individual descriptions....



Jean is a vintage beauty. Pretty floral design wraps around the edges and center of cake plate.  Stands just 1 1/4" high and is

11 1/4" x 10" wide.  A 8" cake would fit beautifully on the cake plate allowing the pretty design around the edges to be seen.


Rental Cost - $5.00




 Jeanette would be the perfect choice if looking for pink depression glass with a more simple design. The sunflower design in her center would be hidden when used as a cake plate but her smooth clean edge would let the cake be the star. 


Cake plate has a 10" diameter but would look best with an 8" cake.


Rental cost - $5.00



Made of pink depression glass and with a ruffled edge, this lovely little cake stand is as adorable as they come!


Will work with a small cutting cake only so please check the measurements carefully!


3" HIgh and will accommodate a cake up to 7" diameter.  (A 6" cake is perfect on this stand:)


One available - $5 rental



White Cake/Dessert Stands

These versatile cake stands can be used on the dessert table for a beautiful display or choose just one for the wedding cake!

All are the same bright white and the different edging adds more dimension to the sweets table!


12  Available - Rental cost $5 each



Mis-matched saucers

Our mis-matched saucers are perfect for the Vintage themed wedding! Different colors and designs that are sized just right for cake or horsd'oevres.


200 saucers available for rent. .60 each