Vintage Mason jars (blue in color)


Rental of $1.50 each - 50 available in...


38 quarts (of those quarts 10 are with wire sealing , 28 are with out)

7 pints (one pint has wire) and 5 half gallon jars.


Click on pictures below for more detailed viewing.



Wired Canning Jars

Fill these jars with flowers and hang from shepherd hooks at your outdoor wedding. Add a tealight and hang along the walkway at the reception or garden party. Such an easy and inexpensive way to add pizzazz to your celebration.



Wired Narrow mouth canning jars....

Qty 12 jars - Pint Size

rental cost - 1.00 each

Wired Wide mouth canning jars...

Qty 12 jars - Pint Size

rental cost -  1.00 each





Burlap Wired Canning Jars

These pint sized mason jars have not only been wired for hanging but also wrapped with burlap, cream colored lace and ribbon to dress up them just a bit.

12 - available

rental cost - $1.00 each


One Gallon size canning jars

These jars are super sized! Charming to use as vases or on the

sweet buffet!

Dimensions ... 11" high with a 4" opening

Ten available at $3.00 each


Our Smallest Canning Jar

Our smallest canning jar holds just 4 ounces which make them ideal for tea lights!  The quilted embossed design adds extra twinkle to the candlelight.  


50 - 4 oz jars available - .35 each

Our "Quilted" canning jars match the small jar pictured above just in a larger size....

Far left - half pint  12 available .35 each

Middle jar - pint size - 20 available - .35 each

Far right is our 4 oz jar shown above as a tea light holder

  - 50 of these small jars available - .35 each


Mason Jar champagne glasses

Also know as Redneck or Hillbilly wine glasses, these toasting flutes for the bride and groom will bring a bit of fun to the rustic themed event!


One pair available - $3 rental



Canning Jars in Quarts or pints

Canning jars are perfect for the Country themed Wedding! Use them for your quests drink containers (paper straws make a simple canning jar adorable!), for vases, candle holders or table markers!


Use picture above for comparison of jars....

Far left - Wide mouth quart   Second from left - Wide mouth pint  Second from right - Narrow mouth quart  Far right - Narrow mouth pint


Wide mouth and narrow mouth canning jars available for rent...


24 - narrow mouth quarts

155 - narrow mouth pints

24 - wide mouth quarts

62 - wide mouth pints



Rental cost for canning jars...

Quarts or pints - .40 each





Half gallons

This picture is for comparison of the canning jars.  Left jar is a quart size, middle jar, is a half gallon, and jar on right, a pint size jar



Half gallons - (jar pictured in middle) are perfect for vases as they are a large sized jar


12 - half gallon jars available


$1.00 each - rental cost


Canning Jar Inspiration


We searched the internet for canning jar ideas and found these in photos below (excluding the pies baked in half pints - those yummy gooey treats were baked by my sister!) There are wonderful, unique and some just downright clever ways to use these versatile little jars!

Click through these ideas we have found to help you get inspired or do a Google search yourself to find even more ideas!