Card Boxes


Box #1

Looking for more of a unique, rustic style cards box?  This may be it!  Box is crafted from wood with a galvanized metal insert and small brass handle.  Door stays latched until opened to remove cards. 

Measures 17.5" high x 11" wide x 5" deep.


Rental cost - $12  


Burlap cards banner also available - rental cost $1.50

Honeymoon Fund Banner - rental cost $1.50

Box #2

Wood box measures 13.25 wide x 7.5 deep and and stands 5.5" high.  Eye hooks placed inside lid for banner hanging if needed.

This box is perfect for the rustic themed event.  


One available - $5 rental 


Pink Cards Banner - rental cost $1.50

Box #3 - Shabby White

Box is painted a warm white and perfectly distressed.  Two small eyelets are attached inside top lid to allow tying of banners.

Box Measures 11" Wide x 6" high x 7" deep.


Cards box rental cost - $5.00 


Small cards banners available - $1.00 rental cost


Gold & Glass Cards Box

The cards box can be a beautiful part of the decor when using a lovely piece such as a glass cards box!


All glass with a gold metal frame.

Measures 13.25" x 8.75" x 8.5"


Rental cost - $15