Rustic A-frame Chalkboard

Chalkboard is double sided and has a distressed wooden finish. Use it for "pick a seat" or a welcome sign and then flip for an additional message after the ceremony is over. 


Frame measures 40" high x 18" wide

Actual measurements of chalkboard - 30" high x 15" wide


Two available - $16


XL Rustic Chalkboard

No name needed for this chalkboard. A simple "XL" fits this perfectly as it's our largest rustic board- and it's a big one! 

Aged lumber has been repurposed into this beautiful frame and the sheer size of the chalkboard should give room enough for the wedding party, order of events or everything combined!


Frame measures -  26" wide x 49.5" high

Actual Chalkboard measures 18" wide x 41.5"


One available - $20

"Sweet Pea"

Frame measures 21" wide x 27" 

Actual Chalkboard measures 17.25" x 23.25"


One available - $12 rental


Frame measures 29" x 35"

Actual chalkboard measures 23 1/4" x 29 1/4"


One Available - $14 rental




We Love these versatile barn wood chalkboards!

Wire on back allows for hanging - or stand chalkboard in an easel to bring a bit of rustic decor to the table!


Frame measures 15.5" x 15.5" -
actual chalk board measurements are 11.5" x 11.5"

Two available for rent - $6 each


Begonia's frame is identical to our Buttercup chalkboard except in a larger size.

Frame measures 20.5"  x 14.5"  -

Actual chalkboard measurements are 16" x 10.25"


Two available - $6 each


Wood that once belonged to an old red barn has been repurposed into this chalkboards lovely frame.  The signature red barn color is a bit distressed and faded which only adds to the rustic feel.

Perfect used in a barn setting or rustic themed event.


Frame measures 21" wide x 27.75" high.  

Actual chalkboard measures 17" wide x 23" high


One available - $10 Rental 


Perfect "Here comes the bride" sign for the rustic themed event! 


Galvanized metal frame measures 12" x 8" 

Actual chalkboard measures 10" x 6"


Two Available  -  Rental cost $4 each


Colored Framed Chalkboards



Need a sunny pop of color?  Painted sungold yellow and slightly distressed then sealed with a satin finish.  Marigold is bright and fun!

Frame measures 20.5" x 25"

Actual chalkboard measures 15.5" x 19.5"


One available

Rental Cost $10


The sweet color of "Antoinette" chalk paint was perfect to paint this highly detailed and very feminine frame.  After distressing and waxing we couldnt be happier with the finished product!  Perfect for a pink themed event and darling at a baby girls shower!

Frame is made from resin so is quite heavy. Will need to be propped up against a wall or placed on a easel.

Measurements are...

24 1/2" high x 20" wide

Actual chalkboard measures 19.5" high x 15.5" wide

One available - $12 rental


Rose - x small

Painted identical to our larger "Rose" shown above, our X small sized Rose is perfect for "Gifts" or "Please Sign".

One available


Rental Cost - $4



Metal frame looks a bit like lace.  Edging has been distressed bringing the silver metal back and giving it an aged look.  Twine on back allows for hanging or place in an easel as shown.  Adorable little chalkboard - and matches our Rose boards perfectly! 

(Also available in white)


Frame measures 16" x 8"

Actual Chalkboard measures 12.5" x 4.75".


White - one available - $4 rental

Pink - one available - $4 rental