White Chalkboards


Bright White Aframe Standing Chalkboard

Self standing board is double sided.  Clean lines are painted a bright white with just a hint of distressing.  


Chalkboard stands 31.5" high x 16.5" wide.

Actual Chalkboard measures 22.5 " high x 13.75" wide.


Two Available


Rental Cost $12 each


Once a vintage picture frame, Tansy has been repurposed into a sweet little chalkboard.  Painted a bright white and then perfectly distressed, this adorable chalkboard is sized right for when just a small message is needed.  


Frame is self standing and measures 14" high x 13" wide.

Chalkboard insert measures 6 3/4" wide x 8 3/4" high.


Rental Cost - $8 


Metal frame looks a bit like lace.  Edging has been distressed bringing the silver metal back and giving it an aged look.  Twine on back allows for hanging or place in an easel as shown.  Adorable little chalkboard!  (Also available in pink.  This paint matches our Rose chalkboard.)


Frame measures 16" x 8"

Actual Chalkboard measures 12.5" x 4.75".


White - one available - $4 rental

Pink - one available - $4 rental


"Magnolia" Chalkboards

Needing a white elegant chalkboard for your event?  Magnolia would fit the bill to a T!  Bright white with just a touch of gold and a design that reminds us of lace.  It is quite heavy for it's size and quailty made! 

Three sizes are available and listed below...  


"Magnolia" - Large

Measurements are  24.5" high x 20" wide

Actual chalkboard measures 19.5" high x 15.5" wide


Two Available  -  Rental Cost $12 each


Magnolia" - Medium

Measurements are 18.5" x 15"

Actual chalkboard measures 13.5" x 10.5"


Two Available

Rental Cost $8.00 each


"Magnolia" - Small

Our smallest board in this set measures 12" x 12"  With the actual chalkboard measuring 7.5" x 7.5"  

Self standing so no easel needed!


Two Available

Rental Cost $5 each

"Gardenia" Chalkboards

Gardenia boards are quite elegant!  Ornate white frames have a high gloss finish.  Frames are not self -standing and will need to be placed on easel.


Three sizes to choose from...

Gardenia Large measures 21" x 25". 

Actual chalkboard measures  15.25" x 19.5"

One available.  Rental cost $12


Gardenia Medium measures 16" x 19"

Actual chalkboard measures 10.5" x 13.5"

Two available.  Rental cost $8 each


Gardenia Small measures 13" x 15"

Actual chalkboard measures 7.5" x 9.5"

One available.  Rental cost $5


"Primrose and Candytuft"

Frames are painted a bright white and then slightly distressed to bring the gold undertones back. 

Frames are different thickness yet compliment each other nicely.

Individual boards listed below....



The larger of the two styles and with a more simple frame , this one has a whole lot of writing room!  If you want the art on the board to be front and center and not an ornate frame, this style may be perfect for your design needs!


Frame measures 22.75" x 29.75"

Actual Chalkboards measures 19.5" x 27.5"


Two Available - $12 each




Smaller than Candytuft but with a thicker and more detailed frame. 


Frame measures 22.5" x 28.5"

Actual Chalkboard measures 17.5" x 23.5"


One Available - Rental cost $12

Creamy Colored/Warm White Chalkboards



Shabby White Aframe Chalkboard

Once a dull and broken chalkboard... this little lady has been rescued, painted a warm white and then distressed all over.  Now it's shabby and lovely.

The chalkboard is large so if your design requires a bit of space,  this board just might be what you are needing.  Plus it's double sided.  Use it as a welcome... flip it for a completly different design! 


Frame measures 18" x 36"

Actual Chalkboard measures 15.5" x 31"


One Available - $16 rental

XL Warm White Chalkboard

Our largest Chalkboard is roomy enough to add the entire wedding party and then some! 

Vintage wood frame was painted a warm white and then slightly distressed for that fun shabby feel.


Chalkboard is 2 ft 5" wide x 4 ft 5" high.

Actual chalkboard measures 23.5 wide x 47.5" high.


Rental Cost - $20


With the intricate designed thick frame and the fact that it is such a large chalkboard, "Edelweiss" is truly a show stopper!

Yep, this one's a beauty and is perfect for the "Welcome" or "Order Of Events" as shown in photos above. 

Though chalkboard has a bit of a off white color it also works well when needing a white framed board. 


Frame measures 28" x 35".  Actual Chalkboard is 20" x 27.5".


Three Available - Rental cost $20 each.


Painted a warm white and then distressed all over, Harlequin is a pop of shabby sweetness!  It's large chalk board gives room for the welcome, wedding party or order of events. Or that love story that is a guests favorite (after all, who doesn't love to read a love story!?)

Thick wood frame will need to be placed on an easel as it is not self standing. 


Frame measures 26 1/2" wide x 34 1/2" high.

Actual chalkboard is 23 1/4" x 29" 


One Available - $18 rental 


"Kai's" frame is square which makes it a bit unique from our others.  It's smooth white paint has just enough distressing.  It's a handsome one!


Frame measures 24" x 24"

Actual chalkboard measures 19.5" x 19.5"


Rental cost $10


We Found this damaged wood picture frame at a vintage sale but just knew it could become beautiful again! Once repaired and beginning to paint we noticed the faint pencil marks on the back side showing that the picture frame was once gifted in 1959. 

Just couldn't paint over the signature... just couldn't do it... 

Hence this chalkboards name... Forget me not! 


The warm white paint and slight distressing brought this vintage frame back to one beautiful, unique and very feminine chalkboard!


Frame measures 23" x 27"

Actual chalkboard measures 19.5" x 15.5"


$12 rental cost.


We removed the damaged mirror from this vintage dresser mirror, painted the dark wood a warm white and then slightly distressed it all over.  The results are a lovely unique chalkboard that is self standing and large enough to accommodate the menu, order of events or that perfect quote you just have to have!


Chalkboard measures (from bottom of stand to curved top)

23" wide x 24 1/2" high

Actual chalkboard measures 15" wide x 19.5" high


One Available

Rental cost  - $15


Our Camellia chalkboard set were once all ho-hum boring brown frames.  We painted them all the same warm white and then of course had to distress the paint as well!   Love the shabby feel. 

The largest frame in this set is a great size board for a welcome or pick a seat.


Frame measures 31.5" x 23.5"

The actual chalkboard measures  19.25" x 27.5" 


Chalkboard is not self-standing so will need to be placed on an easel.


One available

Rental Cost - $12


The medium board Is large enough to use on a floor easel or a table top works as well. 


Frame measures 19.5" x 25.5"

The actual chalkboard measures  15" x 21" 


One available

Rental Cost - $8


The smallest sized board would work perfectly on the bar or place on the buffet for a dinner menu.  


Frame measures 17.5" x 20.5"

The actual chalkboard measures  13.25" x 16" 


One available

Rental Cost - $6



Trillium's creamy color has been aged and distressed and it's intricate design makes us think of vintage elegance!


Three sizes in the set.

Individual boards listed below...


"Trillium" - Large

Frame measures 18.5" wide x 22.5" high 

Actual chalkboard measures 15.25" wide x 19" high

Frame is not self-standing and will need to be placed in an easel


One Available -

Rental cost - $10 


Trillium"  - Medium

Frame measures 13.5"  x 16.5"

Actual chalkboard measures 10.25" x 13.5"


Two Available

Rental cost - $6 each


"Trillium"  - small

Frame measures 10.5" x 12.5"

Actual chalkboard measures 7.25" x 9.5"


One Available

Rental cost - $4




Painted a warm white and slightly distressed, Daisy would work well for a "sign in" directional board.  Or adorable with a sweet quote for a baby shower.


Frame measures 13.25" x 16.5"

Actual chalkboard measures 13.25" x 16.5"


One available - $5 rental


Add a bit of shabby chic to your gathering with this sweet little chalkboard.  "Jasmine's frame is petite and adorable!

Frame measures 13.5" x 13.5" 

Actual Chalkboard measures 11.5" x 11.5"

One available - $4 rental