On this page you will find easels to be used with chalkboards.  Floor easels as well as table top. 


Individual easels listed below... 

Amanda - Floor Easel

Wrought Iron easel measures 55" high and can be adjusted to accomodate different sizes of boards. 


Four available 


Rental cost - $15 each

Black Floor Easel #2

Easel has a beautiful scroll design and is used often for our Olive chalkboard.  Unlike most easels this has a type of adjustable shelf to hold the chalkboards.  Due to this "shelf", boards cannot be thicker than 2" to insure they fit properly.


Measures 68.5" high.


One available - $15 Rental

Floor Easel #3


Easel Is black with gold accents. 

Stands 61" high from floor to top.

Has adjustable arms to accomodate different sized boards. 


Six available 


Rental cost - $15 each


Floor Easel #4

Wrought iron easel stands 57" high.  Chalkboards must have a width of at least 21" to use this easel.


One Available - $10 rental


Rainier Floor Easel

Easel measures 65" from floor to top.

Arms can be adjusted to accomodate different sized boards. 


One available 



Gold Floor Easel

Heavy gold metal easel has a unique heart and leaf design.

This works best for large signs as arms are NOT adjutable. 


Measures 66" high from floor to top of easel.

26" from floor to arms and 40" from arms to top of easel.  


On available 


$15 rental cost


Silver Heavyweight Floor Easel

This beautiful silver easel is heavy and quality made. 

It works best for large signs as arms are NOT adjutable. 


Measures 62" from floor to top of easel.

26" from floor to arms.  36" from arms to top of easel.


One available 


$15 rental cost


Tall Brown Floor Easel

A tall slender easel, this one is best for narrow signs.  Are you having the cords of three strand tying during the ceremony?  This easel works perfectly as it provides that extra height with the adjustable arms. 

Brown Metal also pairs nicely with wood signs. 


Easel Measures 67.5" tall and had three options for the adjusting arms.  


Two Available 

Rental Cost - $15 each


White Floor Easel

Our custom built easel is one of a kind and adorable!  Painted a warm white and slightly distressed, gives it that wonderful aged look.  Vintage looking faucet wheels have been added for knobs and a rusty chain gives the easel stablilty. 


Easel stands 64"


One available - $15 rental



Table top easels



Easel measures 11" high -


Nine available - $2.00 each


Heavyweight table top easels

Heavy wrought iron TABLE TOP easels work perfectly for our chalkboards that have the thick heavier frames.  Keeps them upright without the chance of falling over.

Two sizes to choose from..


Large - (measures 24' high from floor to top of back.

7 available - $4each


Small - (measures 14" from floor to top of back)

5 available - $3 each


Misc. table top easels


Copper colored easel

 15" high - one available - $2


Gold - measures 15" high

one available at $3 rental


White easel 
measures 13" high

One available at $2 rental