Amanda - Floor Easel

Wrought Iron easel measures 55" high and can be adjusted to accomodate different sizes of boards. 


One available 


Rental cost - $15

Floor Easel #3


Easel Is black with gold accents. 

Stands 61" high from floor to top.

Has adjustable arms to accomodate different sized boards. 


Two available 


Rental cost - $15 each


White Floor Easel

Our custom built easel is one of a kind and adorable!  Painted a warm white and slightly distressed, gives it that wonderful aged look.  Vintage looking faucet wheels have been added for knobs and a rusty chain gives the easel stablilty. 


Easel stands 64"


One available - $15 rental



Table top easels



Easel measures 11" high -


Two available - $2 each


Heavyweight table top easels

Large - (measures 24' high from floor to top of back.

Two available - $4each


Small - (measures 14" from floor to top of back)

Two available - $3 each


Gold table top easel

Measures 15" high


one available


Rental cost -  $3