Galvanized Goodness!!



Vintage Wash Tub

These vintage tubs have been in our own family for years! We love using them for beverage tubs and we're sure you will too!


Two sizes to choose...


Large - 25" diameter

$12 rental


Medium - 22.5" diameter

$10 rental 



Vintage Watering Can #1

Rental cost - $4

Vintage Watering Can #2

Rental Cost $4


"Fannie" Cake Stand

We splurged on our galvanized cake stand.  Didn't want to worry of a wobbly cake and there are no worries on that with this guy!  Cake stand is quality made!  It's quite heavy duty, very sturdy and

absolutely perfect for a rustic themed event!


6" high with a 11" diameter.

One available - $8 rental



Large Galvanized Ampersand

Place this rustic ampersand on a mantel or wherever you need a pop of fun!

Please note, Ampersand is light so cannot stand on it's own and will need to be leaned or hung.


Measures 21" high x 17" wide.


$5 Rental

Mr & Mrs

Galvanized letters are self standing and perfect for the sweet heart table!

Letters measure ...

Rental cost - $10

Galvanized Two-tiered Tray

Quality made piece that is right at home on the dessert table holding treats or the coffee bar holding drink condiments.  Great rustic finish as well!


Full measurements are 13.5" high by 15.5" wide x 10" deep.

Top Tier =  15" wide x 7" deep

Bottom Tier = 15" wide x 9.5" deep


Two Available.

$8 each 


Galvanized Metal Tiered Stand

Our Pottery Barn metal stand is sturdy, high quality and quite versatile!

 Think Smore's bar, apples for the Autumn event, or to place glow sticks on the tiers for that fun bride/groom exit!


Overall measurements are 19" diameter and 20" high.

Top Tier : 9.5" diameter

Middle Tier: 12" diameter

Bottom Tier: 17" diameter

Clearance between tiers: 6"


Two available - Rental Cost $12 each


Need a bit of inspiration?  We did a search on Pinterest for ways to use our galvanized stand and found many wonderful ideas! 


Galvanized Tray

Rectangular galvanized tray goes perfectly with our three tiered stand. Use it with our Mason Jar beverage dispenser and galvanized riser as shown. Or on the buffet for cold cuts and cheese's. 


Measures 27" long x 14.75" wide x 2.5" high.


One available - Rental cost $6

Galvanized Lanterns

Find more pictures and info of the galvanized lanterns shown above under "Lanterns" link