Green Vases

There are so many sizes, shapes and textures in our green vase collection that it's hard to choose a favorite!  Vases would be beautiful and make quite a statement in the vintage or outdoor event!  


Sizes and Prices are itemized below...


Our largest vases range from  9" - 10" high.

25 available - $1.50 each


Round Vases range from 4 1/2 " to 6" high with a diameter

of 4 1/2" to  7 "

Eight available - $1.00 each


This medium sized vase collection has many interesting sizes and shapes to choose from.

Vases range in height from 9" - 5" high

Rental cost of $1.00 each

These lovely vintage glasses would be ideal for holding small bouquets! 


Measure 4.5" high.

.75 each rental