“Stay Gold, Ponyboy, stay Gold”

                          - Johnny Cade 


Our gold arbor is an EXCLUSIVE rental requiring TMD members only to transport, set up and take down. 


Contact us for delivery fee and info.


Arbor measures... high and ... wide. 


Rental cost $125 (not including delivery)



Gold chalkboards

So many sizes and styles to choose from! Click on "Chalkboards and Easels" tab to left of page for pictures and more information.


Gold & Glass Cards Box

Don't forget that the cards box can be a beautiful part of the decor when using a lovely piece such as our glass cards box!


All glass with a gold metal frame.

Measures 13.25" x 8.75" x 8.5"


Rental cost - $12



  This cauldron is amazing!  So beautiful and unique when set up on the bar chilling champagne.  Quality made piece!


Measures 13" high with a 18" diameter


One available - $12 rental


 Mercury Glass Votive cups

Sprinkle these pretties on the guest tables, head table, bar or were ever you would like to bring in the bling of gold and romance of soft lighting.


2.5" high with a 2" diameter


225 - available


1.00 each with a long burning tealight (6+hour) or battery powered tealight

.80 each with out tealight


(wax tealights will be placed inside candle holder, wicks up and ready to light - this will save significant time at the venue)


Gold Honeycomb Candle Holder

Candle holder is simple yet elegant. Features a textured honeycomb like base in gold.

Can be used for floral containers or as a candleholder.

(please note... battery powered candles or fuel cells only. Due to wax damage, regular tealights cannot be used)



3 1/8" high with a 2 1/2' opening.


75 avaiable

Rental cost... $1.35 each

$1.85 with 8 hour fuel cell or battery powered tealight


Ceramic Floral Container

Sweet ceramic pots with a whole lot of shine!  Good size opening for floral arrangements.  

(Please note.. these can be used for floral containers only.  Candles cannot be used. )



3" high with a 2 1/2" opening.


... available.

$1.50 each


Geometric Sphere Vase

Glass geometric shaped vase is so pretty and elegant when used for a vase or as a candle holder.

Please note.. if using as a candle holder, battery powered candles or fuel cells only can be used.  Regular wax tealights cannot.



4 5/8" high x 5 1/4" wide with a 2 1/2" opening.


15 available.


Rental Cost $3 each

(8 hour fuel cells available for .50 each)


"Diana" Lanterns

Lanterns are quite elegant and would be stunning lining the wedding ceremony aisle.

Two sizes to choose from...


LARGE Lanterns measure  10.5" high


20 Available -


Rental cost with flame candles

or with faux candles   $13 each.

Lanterns with out candles - $10 each. 

Please note... due to risk of wax damage, candles will be enclosed in a clear glass holder. 

SMALL Lanterns  measure  7" high


25 Available -


Rental cost with flame candles

or with faux candles   $7 each.

Lanterns with out candles - $5 each.

Please note... due to excessive wax inside lanterns after usage, candles are now enclosed in a clear glass holder.


"Irene" Lanterns

Pretty champagne colored lanterns would be beautiful lining the wedding aisle or tuck a couple on the mantle or sign in table!


Largest Lanterns  measure  16" high


13 Available -


Rental cost with flame candles

or with faux candles   $10 each.

Lanterns with out candles - $8 each.


SMALL Lanterns are 12" high


13 Available -


Rental cost with flame candles

or with faux candles   $6 each.

Lanterns with out candles - $5 each.


Brass Candlesticks

150+ candlesticks available in assorted sizes and shapes.

Height ranges from 2" to 10" high.


Rental cost - $1.50 each


Candlestick Inspiration 

Tuck roses into tops of candlesticks or add a tall taper and place into glass cylindars for a stunning display. 

Pictures below and many more can be found on Pinterest.

Vintage 5x7 Frames for Table Numbers

These vintage 5x7 frames are beautiful, unique and absolutely perfect for table numbers!

Frames can be used with your table number insert or ours. 

(Three of our styles shown). 

Or use for pictures on the memory table!


Set a time to stop by and hand pick your favorites or let us know what you are looking for and we'll do our best to pick the prettiest.  We have 30 to choose from!  If you're short on time and need to have the table numbers included - we do have a few styles to choose from.


Frames empty and without table numbers - Rental cost $2 each


Frames with our table numbers included

Rental cost $3 each



Vintage 8x10 Frames

So many uses for these beautiful vintage frames!  Memory table, Bar, Engagement photos.  Print out the dinner menu and place in a frame.  Simple to do but makes quite a statement.

 Some frames are elaborate and others more of a simple design, but all are equally unique and beautiful! 


Set a time to hand pick those that work with your decor vision or tell us what you are looking for and we will do our best to choose for you!


15+ frames  

Rental cost - $4 each


Vintage 5x7 Frames

Needing just a small sign for a hashtag, dessert identification or a please sign?    These pretty vintage frames could be used for those needs and do it elegantly


10+ available -

$2.25 each

Gold Standing Sign Holder

Made of heavy resin, this self standing sign will stay put, and a add a bit of elegance to it's location. 


 "Cards" sign or "Please take one" insert is available.

(no additional charge ) Please specify if insert is needed.


Measures 13" high and 8.5" wide.  Insert is a 4x6


One available - $4 rental cost


Vintage Vanity Trays

Remember Grandma's house and in her bathroom you would find one of these pretty gold trays displaying her collection of tiny bottles of perfume?  

Sure that was pretty back then but now think... dessert tables!    Mini cupcakes and bite sized treats placed on these and you have a beautiful and unique display.  Also stunning on the sign in table, bar or as centerpieces for the guest tables. 


Set a time to come out and hand pick the perfect mirrors for your display.  Or tell us the size/shape you are looking for and we'll do our best to pick out the prettiest!


20 to choose from in rectangles, ovals and rounds.

Rental cost - $5 each




Beaded Cake Stands

These beautiful pedestal stands have a antique gold finish and clear faux crystal beads and dangles. 

Metal construction.


Quantity of Three stands available. Please note all are 8" HIgh


12" Diameter - $8 Rental


10" Diameter - $7 Rental


8" Diameter - $6 Rental




Table top easel

Gold - tall  measures 15" high

one available at $3 rental