XL Gold Mirror

The gold ornate frame is a pretty one.  It's quite heavy so would need to be placed on a heavyweight floor easel as shown. 


Measures 29.5" x 42" 


Rental Cost ..

Mirror - $40

Heavyweight Floor Easel - $18

Vintage Vanity Mirror #1

Sweet little vanity mirror is a adorable touch when used for signage needs.


Mirror stands 15" high x 11" wide

Glass is 8" x 6.5" 


Rental Cost - $8


Vintage Vanity Mirror #2

Vintage mirror has a beautful gold and white frame.  It is self standing and is a perfect size for a bar menu or sign in. 


Frame Measures 16" x 11.5" 

Glass only is 8.5" x 13.5" 


Rental Cost - $8


Vintage Mirror Trays

Remember Grandma's house and in her bathroom you would find one of these pretty gold trays displaying her collection of tiny bottles of perfume?  

Sure that was pretty back then but now think... dessert tables!    Mini cupcakes and bite sized treats placed on these and you have a beautiful and unique display.  Also stunning on the sign in table, bar or as centerpieces for the guest tables. 


25 to choose from in rectangles, ovals and rounds.

Rental cost - $5 each