Centerpiece Platform

Centerpiece platforms are nice for risers on the buffet, cake table and guest tables as centerpiece decor.   Doll them up with doileys or lace.  Or keep them simple with a vase of flowers!  Stunning either way! Can also be turned over and used as boxes for lanterns and greenery.


Dimensions are... 12" square x  3 1/2" high.

30 available - $2.50 each



Risers for the Buffet Table

Risers are identical to centerpiece platforms above, only in different heights. 

Four risers available....


(Centerpiece platform measures 3 1/2" and is shown top left for comparison)


Dimensions of risers are 12" square


4"  high - three available

6" high  - four available


$4 each


Rectangle Buffet Risers


Sized for when more display surface is needed on the buffet table.  Would hold oblong platters perfectly!



15" wide x 10" deep x 3 3/4" high


Two available - rental cost $3 each


"Step Stool" risers

Made from our same re-purposed wood as risers above, these  resemble adorable little step stools but are designed to be used where extra height is needed.


Measurements and quantity...


10" x 10" x 10" high - Two available


11 3/4" wide x 8 1/2" deep x 10" high - Two available


17 1/2" w x 8 1/2" deep x 11 1/2" high - One available



Rental cost - $4.00 each


Chippy Risers

Chippy risers are built from old fence boards. Traces of the aging gray paint add to their rustic appeal. They are quite versatile and can be used numerous ways. Adorable as a cupcake stand or for risers on the buffet table.  Or place a beverage dispenser on the largest stand as we did!

Sizes and rental cost....

Smallest stand measures 7 1/2" square - ONE available - $2.00 rental


Largest stand measures 14 1/2" square - TWO are available in this size - $6 each

Cake Risers

Find info for these unique cake stands shown above and more under the link CAKE.. cupcakes and desserts. 

Mini Pallet

A miniature pallet!  How sweet is this!?  

We can imagine it used as a cake riser.  What could you use it for??


Measures 18" square and stands 5" high.


One available - $6 rental


Mr and Mrs

Barn wood markers for the Bride and Groom!

Each marker measures... 9 1/4" wide x 5 1/2" high

$5 rental for the pair


Rustic Reserved

Use these first on the ceremony aisle and then move to reserve the family tables in rustic style!

Markers measure 19 1/2 wide x 5" high

Five available - Rental cost of $4 each


Rustic Candy Bar

Add a bit of fun to the outdoor or barn themed party with this rustic candy bar! There are 15 compartments in this wooden box to fill,  each holding one quart sized bag of candy. Fill it with candy and your ready to go! It's that easy!

Box measures 23" wide x 13.5" deep x 13" (bottom to top of handle)high. Each compartment is a 4.5" square.

$10 rental



Lucerne Milk Crates

Hard to believe these crates are over 50 years old!  They are still solid and sturdy.  A great item to use for sign placement as shown. 


Three crates available - $8 each


Square Gray Milk Crate

The wood on this crate is old and looks just like barnwood. Would be quite at home on the dessert table at a rustic themed event!


One available.



Rental cost $7 


Rustic Slatted Crates

So many ways to use these vintage crates!  Use as a riser on the sweets table.  Or stack at the ceremony aisle with candles and flowers!

10 available


$6 rental per crate


White Crates

Wood Crates are painted a warm white and slightly distressed. 


Three available -

Rental cost $6 each.


Vintage Boiler #1

Isn't it amazing to think that many years ago someone used this to boil their bath water....or water for clothes washing!

We think it is a much better (and easier!) idea to re-purpose this
wonderful vintage piece as a beverage container.

Think Nostalgic... glass soda pop bottles with "Orange Crush", "Cream soda" or "A & W" root beer. 



Measuring from handle to handle 26" wide

Width of metal only 22.5" wide

13.5" high x 12" deep

One available - $10 rental



Vintage Boiler #2

We have added a second boiler to our inventory! 
Identical in size to boiler above but shiny copper and black handles


$10 rental


Wyatt - Barn Lantern

We refer to these as our "Barn lanterns". The X design on the glass, the metal top or just the shape of this lantern seems to take on the look and feel of an old rustic barn.
Wonderful accent for the outdoor or barn themed wedding!

Please note... Candles cannot be burned in these lanterns! Only Battery powered candles which are included can be used!

Lantern weighs 7 pounds so is a bit too heavy to hang.

Actual dimensions...

20" high to top of handle or 18" high to metal peak.

11" wide x 7" deep

Two available - $13.00 each (Which includes two battery powered candles with batteries)


Rustic wooden box #1

This rustic box would work well to place wedding programs in or small favors for the guests. Dress it up or keep it simple.

Nice little accent piece for the rustic wedding!

Box measures... 12 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" high x 8 1/2" deep

One available - rental cost $3


Rustic Wooden Box #2

Wrap your silverware in a napkin, tie it with jute and place in this wooden box! Perfect for the rustic themed celebration! The inside is lined with old, rough weathered boards, and the green shade is nice and subtle.

Dimensions are... 16 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" high (top of handle to bottom of box) (box only is 3" high) x 12  1/2" deep

One available - $5 rental

Whiskey Barrels

Place a staked sign in a small barrel and you have instant rustic charm! 

Barrel measures 17" high with a 13" diameter.


Three available in colors specified below....

Dark Brown

Barn Red

Light Brown (not shown)


Rental cost  - $7 each



Rusty Heart Banner


Chalkboard Crates

Old fence boards have been repurposed into these unique and funtional crates.  Wonderful item to use for photo props or to hold those homemade jams and jelly's to be givin out as favors!


Large and medium sized crates are quite LARGE!  So please check measurements carefully to insure size is appropriate for your event.

(Please note, measurements are taken with chalkboard facing front)

The largest crate measures....

              19" Wide x 14" high x 24" deep


Medium size crate is ... 16" Wide x 11 1/2" high x 21" deep


Not shown is a smaller version indentical to above crates only with a chalkboard on each side.  Small crate measures 10 1/4" Wide x 9 3/4" high x 15" deep.


Rental cost....


Large - One available - $15

Medium - One available - $10

 Small crate - Two available - $5 each


Wood Boxes


Dark Stained Boxes

Our custom built wood boxes are solid and sturdy. Stained a dark brown, these are beautiful when used for floral arrangements.   (please note, no floral liner included so box will leak if arrangements are not placed in container of some kind.  Talk to your florist before renting. ) 

Three sizes available.  Check measurements and quantity below...  

Long Retangle Box measures 19.5" x 6" x 4.5" high.


7 available - $4.50 each


Large Square Box

Largest Box measures 7" square and is 5.5" high. 

Inside is 5.5" square.


Can also be used for risers under beverage dispensers etc.  


3 Available - $3 each


Smallest Box measures 6" square and is 4.5" high. 

Inside is 4.5" square. 


12 Available - $2.50 each


Wood Box #2

Wood box has been stained a warm tone type of redwood color.   

Boxes match our wood table numbers and the Exclusive "Find your Seat" board with easel. 


Box is 5.5" square and 4.25" high.  Inside measures 4" square.  


5 - Available  

Rental cost $2.50 each

Burlap Table Runners 

Runners are in one piece so no seams. 

They measure 14" wide x 108" in length and have nice serged edges.

Fun rustic element for the guest tables!


20 available


Rental cost - $3.50 each




Scatter Antlers

Having a rustic or country themed wedding?  Throw in a few scatter antlers on the cake table or sign in. (twelve single scatter antlers in style/colors pictured available)

$2 each.


For a unique touch use a full set for a dramatic floral display over your arch! 

Full individual antlers listed below...


Full Antler Mounts


Full Mount #1

Width between top points is 10 1/2" , Bottom point width distance is 13".  Measurements from bottom of skull to top tip is 16" 


Rental Cost - $5


Full Mount #2

Width between top points is 10" , Bottom point width distance is 11".  Measurements from bottom of skull to top tip is 14.5" 


Rental Cost - $5


Full Mount #3

Antler mount with it's heavy plaster base would work best when  used in an arrangement that will be placed on a table or flat surface.


Width between top points is 10" , Base to top point is 13". 

Diameter of plaster base is 8".


Rental Cost - $5 


Large Antler

How amazing would this antler be tucked into a great big floral display!  Yep, thinkin' that would be stunning!

It's a large shed Measuring 3 ft long by approx 15" wide.


One Available - $12 rental



Cow Bells

Use a cow bell to get your guests attention for the best mans toast, cake cutting time ect.

Or ring the bells as the bride and groom make their exit!

Sure to bring a smile!

 Six available in assorted sizes.


Rental cost - $1.50 each


"Chicken Wire" Baskets

Baskets would be ideal holding rolls or napkins on the buffet table for the barn themed wedding!  They are good sized baskets, sturdy and nicely made.  

Baskets measure 15" diameter


Two available - $3.00 each


Decorative Burlap Board

Place vintage photos or notes on this burlap board to add a personal touch to your event!

Frame measures 26 1/2" high x 20 1/2" wide but can be displayed in either portrait or landscape position.  Is not self standing so would need to be placed on easel. 

One available - $10 rental


Chicken Wire Frame

We added chicken wire to a shabbied up frame and love the effect!  Large frame measures (in direction shown) 44" high x 29 3/4" wide but can be used the opposite direction if needed. 

Aorable with pictures hung by weathered close pins or perfect used for displaying escort cards!


Rental Cost -$12


Faux Wagon Wheel

 A fun decorative piece to add to a display. 

Wheel is lightweight and measures ... diameter.


One available - $5 rental



Add rustic charm to your event by using one of our many fun and unique signs. 

More info under our "Signs and Banners" link