Please note... our signs can no longer be staked.  We have found from experience that with the fragile nature of the aged wood, the signs cannot hold up to the hammering and staking.  Exceptions will be sand or soft ground such as flower beds ect.  Please inquiry with questions before reserving signs. 


Rustic Signs 


Please read new policy above before reserving staked signs.


We offer a variety of signs to bring a bit of fun to the rustic wedding!  

Use our whiskey barrel, lucerne crates or place sand/dirt in old galvanized buckets and set sign where needed.

Below you will find individual signs and banners.  Click on

pictures for more detailed viewing.




"Our Forever Starts Here" ceremony aisle sign

Tie this charming sign to the back chairs to reserve the aisle for the wedding party only.

Sign measures 53.5" long x 4" high.

Twine (for tying) included in rental.


$8 rental cost.

"Wedding" sign has a arrow that can be turned to point either right or left.

Stands 47" from top of stake to bottom.

$6 rental



We have repurposed white washed cedar boards to a cheerful greeting!  "Happily ever after" stands 43" high From top of stake to bottom.

$7.00 rental

"Reception" is available in either a right or left facing arrow.

Right facing Stands 51" high from top of stake to bottom. Left facing is just a bit shorter at 50" high.

$5.00 rental per sign

Point your guests in the right direction with this fun "I Do - We Did" sign.  

Each sign stands 47" from top of stake to bottom. 

Choose gray with right facing "I Do" or more of the brownish colored wood with the left facing "I Do"

Height of this sign makes it perfect for placing in the whiskey barrel.
$6.00 rental per sign

"Ceremony" available in left or right point.


One available - $5.00 rental


Let them know where the fun begins by placing "The Party Starts Here" at your celebration!


One available - $7 rental


Place a sign in a whiskey barrel and you have instant rustic charm! 

Red or Brown barrel available.


Rental cost $7.00 each


Rustic "Welcome to our Wedding" A-frame Sign

Rustic A-frame sign is hand painted "Welcome to our Wedding" on both sides.  

Sign is quite large measuring...


One available -


$18 Rental cost


"Pick a Seat" Leaning Sign

Let your guests know it's open seating by placing this sign at the ceremony. Stained a rich brown and hand stenciled, this rustic sign is perfect way to let your guests know that it's open seating.


Sign can be leaned as shown or placed upon an easel.




$12 Rental 


Audrey Hepburn Quote - Leaning Sign

Seriously, who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn! 

This fun sign is a perfect match to our pick a seat sign.


Sign Measures ... and can be leaned as shown or placed upon an easel.


$12 Rental 

"Pick a Seat" Self-Standing Sign

Needing an easy solution for a "pick a seat" sign?  "chalk" looks handwritten but it is a permanent stenciled sign. 

No easel needed either as this guy's got it's own! 


Frame is a dark stained wood measuring 22" x 28".

Easel folds flat for transport.


Rental cost - $12


Write Your Name on a Jar - Rustic Wood Sign

Giving drinking jars as guest favors?  This rustic sign would pair perfectly!

Sign is made from a wood slab with rough bark edging.  Stained a dark color with white vinyl lettering and two sparkly gold hearts that give it just a touch of bling.   Cheers!


Sign is not self standing so will need to be placed upon an easel.

Measures 16" high x 11" wide.

Rental cost - $7

"My Whole Heart" Wood Framed Sign

Sign has a rustic feel with its distressed wording and white washed frame.  Large enough to lean but would work equally well placed upon an easel.


28" wide x 22" high.


Rental cost - $10


"History of EVER!"

Leaning sign is a perfect pop of fun!

Faux wood with it's distressed barn red color, would be right at home at a rustic themed event!


Measures 46.5" high x 13.75" wide


Rental cost - $10


"Love Sweet Love"

Simple and sweet.  After all, LOVE is all you need!  :)


Faux wood sign measures 19" wide x 23" high.


Rental Cost - $6


"You and Me"

Vintage vibe?  Boho theme? Got either going on at your event? 

Place this on a table top easel and surround it with framed pictures.  A perfect fun filler!


Measures 22" wide x 16" high


Rental cost - $5


"I Have Found the One" White Washed Sign

Sign is bright white with gray wording.  Beautiful placed in a grassy area and lovely at the beginning of the wedding aisle!

Has built in easel so can be placed in any location.


Measures 23.5" wide x 23.5" high. 

Easel folds flat for transport.


Rental cost $10


Here Comes the Bride

We have now added ribbon to the sign.

Makes it's a bit easier for little ones to carry!


Sign measures 12" x 9"


One available - $5 rental



Maddi's Sign

Rustic wood sign with "Here She Comes" stenciled in a creamy white. 

When wedding party exits the ceremony have the flower girl/ring bearer flip the sign over to "Lets Party!"   He/She will be the star of the show!


Sign Measures 13.5" x 10.5"  Cream colored ribbon attached for carrying.


One available - $5 rental. 


"Happily Ever After" Leaning Sign

This sign is large, heavy and designed for leaning.  Imagine... a hay bale, fence post or leaning against a wine barrel at the beginning of the aisle.

Repurposed boards with their weathered gray color and white  lettering makes for a beautiful sign and perfect for the rustic themed event!


Sign measures 28" wide x 17 1/2" high.


Rental cost - $10



Our "Love" sign is small and sweet! Made from aged gray wood it measures 12" x 3  1/2".    Please note, sign will have to be leaned against something or placed in an easel as it does not have a hanger on back.


$2.00 rental


Hanging Reserved

Hang this on the chairs for the ceremony and keep the first row or two reserved for the family! 

Sign is stained a rich brown and hand painted.  Jute attached for hanging.  - Measures 16" wide x 5.5" high


Four available. 


Rental cost $3.50

Rustic Reserved

Reserve the family tables in rustic style! Or place at the ceremony aisles as shown.

Markers measure 19 1/2 wide x 5" high

Five available - Rental cost of $4 each


Rustic Popcorn

Creamy white lettering on a thick rustic board...  Simple, but perfect for a rustic themed popcorn bar! 

Sign Measures...  And will stand alone.  

Rental cost - $3



Scrabble Tiles

Need some inspiration for scrabble sayings?  Ideas can be found on Pinterest! Such clever and fun ways to add these cute little tiles to your wedding decor or simply use for a special photo. Tiles will be loose and will need to be placed on stand at event. Multiple stands and many letters available. 


One Scrabble stand and saying - $1.25 rental

LOVE Scrabble Tiles


"Keep Calm"

Place this fun sign up front during the ceremony!  It will make you smile...and remind you to breathe!

Wooden sign is black with silver letters.  It is self standing and measures 6" x 9".

$2.00 Rental






Fabric Bunting Banner




"Cards" is sized perfectly for our vintage suitcases!

Choose Cream colored with a green design or Pink Rosebud


Rental cost - $2 each


Additional "Cards" banners...

Pink Dogwood Banner - Rental $2.

Teal Banner - Rental $2.00 

These "additional card's" banners are the same size as banners pictured above in suitcase's. Uppercase letters measure 4" high. 


Small "Card's" Banners.

Using a "Cards" box at your event?  These small banners are designed for smaller boxes as pictured below in our "Wish/Cards" box.   Lower case letters are approx 2.5" high.  Banner letters measure approx 10" wide not including ribbon.  There is ample amount of ribbon on each side to allow for tying.


Choose from... 






Small Banners rent at $1.00 each

"Drinks" Banner

Our "Drinks" banner is made from realistic looking demin cardstock. The heavyweight chipboard adds stabilty when hanging.  Shown on our rustic bar, banner measures 40" long (not including twine) with each individual flag measuring 5" wide x 8" (to point) long. Strips of burlap add to the country feel while 6 ft of twine on each end gives plenty of tying room!  Perfect for the BBQ styled event! 


Rental Cost - $5.00