Pegged Candle Cups 

Vintage pegged candle cups are to be used with candlesticks and these pair perfectly with the brass candlsticks shown below. 

Our clear glass collection is filled with mis-matched styles and are all so pretty that we can't narrow down a favorite!  Possibly you can!  Mingle these together with our Pottery Barn white/gold mercs for a stunning display!


70 available

$2.25 each including a clear cup tealight candle  


Brass Candlesticks

150+ candlesticks available in assorted sizes and shapes.

Height ranges from 2" to 10" high.


Rental cost - $1.60 each



Table Numbers

Silver Table Number Frames #1


Love these pretty silver framed table numbers!  5 x 7 frames are high quality metal and look stunning at any event! 


If using our printed number inserts shown in frames above ( 1-27 available) please add .50 per frame.  Inserts will be filled and ready for table placement. 


27 available


Rental cost with out printed table number  $2 each

Rental cost with number insert included $2.50 each


Silver Table Numbers Frames #2

Silver ornate frames are lovely used for table numbers, but don't overlook how simple yet beautiful they can be on the cocktail tables as well!


29 available



Rental cost with out printed table number  $2 each

Rental cost with number insert included $2.50 each


Floating Table Numbers


Gold Framed Floating Table Numbers

Silver Framed Floating Table Numbers

Black Framed Floating Table Numbers

The White Vinyl lettering is sandwiched between two panes of glass on these gorgeous table numbers. Choose from gold, silver or black metal. Frame has built in easel to allow for self standing. These measure larger than most so check the measurments carefully to insure they will work with your table decor.


Table Numbers measure 5.75" x 7.75" 


Gold 28 available

Silver - 25 available

Black - 22 available


Rental Cost $3 each


Gold Braided Table Number Frames

Gold metal frames are made of a heavy metal with a unique braided design.  Very pretty and well made.   Not just for table numbers... also is nice for reserved markers as shown.

Frame is a bit larger then most so check measurments carefully to insure they will work will with the table decor.


Frame will hold a 4x6 table number.


Actual frame measures 8.3" x 6.3"


If using our printed number inserts shown in frames above ( 1-30 available) please add .50 per frame.  Inserts will be filled and ready for table placement. 


32 available - $2 each

With printed table number $2.50 each


Bird and Branch White Table Number Frames

White metal frame with it's bird and branch design, would be right at home at a spring or summertime event.


Frame measures 4.75" wide x 7.75" high(to top of highest bird)

Insert is a 4" x 6"

Use with our numbers or yours.


24 available - Rental cost $2 each

Rental cost with our table number included $2.50 each


Brass Table Number Frames

Brass frame has a unique concept where no back needs to be removed just pull up on small handle and door opens to  to insert photo or table number.  Fill the entire area with a 5" x 7" insert or float the table number for a whole different look. 

Beautiful brass frame has a vintage feel to it. It's a pretty one!

Self standing easel folds flat for easy packing.


32 available - $3 each without printed table number

$3.50 each with printed table number included


Distressed Black Table Number Frames

In our book, distressing makes every painted surface better and these frames are no exception. 

Black painted surface has been distressed all over to allow the original brown colored wood to shine through.  


Wood Frame measures 5" x 7" - insert is a 4" x 6". 

Please note, if ordering your own table numbers the amount you will see once framed is 3.5" x 5.5"


26 available - $2 each without table number

$2.50 each with printed table number included


Galvanized Table Number Frames

Lovely galvanized frames would be a perfect piece of the table decor at a country or rustic themed event.


Metal frames measure 5.25" wide x 7.25" high. Inserts are 4" x 6"  but please note, the actual area of table number that will be seen is 3.5" x 5.5".


34 available - $2 each 

$2.50 each with printed table number included


Shabby White Table Number Frames

The smooth painted surface of these creamy colored frames are slightly distressed to allow for the dark undertones to come through.  These are simple, yet so pretty!


Frame itself measures 5.5" wide x 7.5" high but the actual table number is a 4" x 6" insert.  

Please note, the actual amount seen of the insert will be 3.5" x 5.5"


32 available -  Without printed table number $2 each

Frame and table number insert $2.50 each



Wood Table Numbers  #1

These wood blocks with their warm stain color and white vinyl lettering make for a simple yet lovely part of the table decor. 


Wood block letters are thick enough to stand alone and measure at 5.5" high x 4' wide x 3/4" thick.


1 - 23 available - $2 each.  


Rusty Metal Table Number Frames

With the rusty feel of these metal frames, they difinitely have a "been in the barn for years" look!  If you are looking for all things rustic for your event, these may be the perfect touch to the table decor!


16 available


Frames measure 6.5" wide x 8.5" high

with a 4x6 insert. 

Use with your inserts or ours as shown. 


Rental cost... 

$2 each without insert

$2.50 with insert included.



Vintage 5x7 Framed Table Numbers

Mis-matched vintage 5x7 frames are beautiful, unique and absolutely perfect for table numbers!


Set a time to stop by and hand pick your favorites or let us know what you are looking for and we'll do our best to pick the prettiest. 


We have 50 to choose from!


Our table number inserts shown above can be included just add .50 per frame. 


Rental cost $2 each without table number insert

Frames including printed table number insert $2.50 each.



Silver Table Number Card Holders

Stainless steel with a bright silver finish. 

Measuring at just 1.5" high so check the measurements to insure these little holders will work with your vision.


24 available - .45 each


Black Table Number Card Holders

Identical to holder above but in a black finish. 

Measuring at just 1.5" high so check the measurements to insure these little holders will work with your vision. 


24 available - .45 each


Gold Metal Free Standing Table Numbers

Looking for something more unique for your table numbers?  These just might be what you are looking for!  Lovely gold colored metal in self standing designs.  


Table numbers 1 - 30 available.

Rental cost - $2 each table number (example 10 is one number even though it is in two pieces)


Card Boxes


Box #1

Looking for more of a unique, rustic style cards box?  This may be it!  Box is crafted from wood with a galvanized metal insert and small brass handle.  Door stays latched until opened to remove cards. 

Measures 17.5" high x 11" wide x 5" deep.


Rental cost - $12  

Burlap cards banner also available - rental cost $1.50



Box #2

Wood box measures 13.25 wide x 7.5 deep and and stands 5.5" high.  Eye hooks placed inside lid for banner hanging if needed.

This box is perfect for the rustic themed event.  


One available - $5 rental 


Box #3 - Shabby White

Wood box is painted a warm white and perfectly distressed.  Two small eyelets are attached inside top lid to allow tying of banners.

Box Measures 11" Wide x 6" high x 7" deep.


Cards box rental cost - $5.00



Gold & Glass Cards Box

Don't forget that the cards box can be a beautiful part of the decor when using a lovely piece such as a glass cards box!


All glass with a gold metal frame.

Measures 13.25" x 8.75" x 8.5"


Rental cost - $14


Tiny Bike

Sometimes the smallest of details can make a big impact.  This high quality metal bike is one of those pieces.  It's Just for fun!




Rental cost - $2


Sweet Little Birds #1

Add just the right amount of sweetness by tucking one (or more!) of these adorable little birds into your decor.


Birds are 3 1/2" high x 4 1/2" wide.


Two available.  .75 each 



More Sweet Little Birds - #2

Add a mixture or just two for your cake table! 


Birds are a variety of sizes measuring from 3 1/4" high - 2 1/2".

13 available in colors shown.  Specify which color needed.


13 available.  .75 each