Milk Glass Bud Vases

Tall and short sizes available.


Tall range in size from 7.5" - 10" high.

90 - vases available in this size. 


Short bud vased range in sizes from 6" to 7".

60 available in this size 


Rental cost - $1 each


"Maddisyn" Milk Glass Vase 

Milk glass vase measures 7" high with a 3.75" diameter.


Six available - Rental cost - $1.50


"Michelle" Milk Glass Vase 

Pretty vintage hobnail vase would be beautiful holding the bridal bouquet. 


Stands 9.5" high with a 5.25" dimeter. 


Six available  - $3 each


Clear Glass Bud Vases

Beautiful bunched together or lovely on their own!  


100 available.


.75 each.



Sweet little vases are sized for when you just need a small pop of color.  Perfect with a small flower(s) and placed on the cocktail tables or added into the centerpieces.


Measure 3.78" high with a one inch diameter.


35 available - (in two styles shown)   $1.35 each 



Identical in size to Emery above just in a pretty amber color. 

Has a herringbone pattern and gold metallic rim. 

Goes beautifully with gold lanterns and candle holders.


Measure 3.78" high with a one inch diameter.


28 available -  $1.35 each 


Identical in size to Emery and Gina above just in a gorgeous silver color with metallic gold rim.


Measure 3.78" high with a one inch diameter.


15 available -  $1.35 each 

Green Glass Bud Vases

Pretty set of vintage bud vases.  All same shade of emerald green in a variety of textures.   

39 available

Rental cost - $1.25 each



White Hanging Hobnail Vase

Dress up with roses and greenery or keep simple by adding babys breath or wild flowers! 

Stunning either way!


Vase is 7.25" high to top of vase - 12" high to top of handle

3.25" diameter


12 Available - $3 each


Vintage English Bisquit tins

Such sweet centerpiece decor when filled with fresh flowers!


20 available in assorted styles and colors

Rental cost - $2 each

Vintage Glass Bottles 

Once medicine bottles and cold cream containers, these bottles are truly a treasure and quite possiby our favorite item in our inventory!


100+ bottles to choose from.


Rental cost .65 each

"Norah" Galvanized Containers

Galvanized containers  in four sizes as listed below...


XL measures  10.5" high with a 6" diamter

Quantity of six available

Rental Cost - $3.50 each


Large measures 7.5" with a 4.75" diameter

Quantity of seven available

Rental Cost $2.50 each


Medium measures 5.5" with a 5" diameter

Quantity of 29 available

Rental Cost $1.50 each


Small measures 3.25" with a 3.25" diameter 

Quantity of 65 available

Rental Cost $1 each

Wood Boxes

Our custom built wood boxes are solid and sturdy. Stained a dark brown, these are beautiful when used for floral arrangements.   (please note, no floral liner included so box will leak if arrangements are not placed in container of some kind.  Talk to your florist before renting. ) 

Three sizes available.  Check measurements and quantity below...  


Long Retangle Box measures 19.5" x 6" x 4.5" high.


7 available - $4.50 each


Largest Box measures 7" square and is 5.5" high. 

Inside is 5.5" square.


Can also be used for risers under beverage dispensers etc.  


3 Available - $3 each


Smallest Box measures 6" square and is 4.5" high. 

Inside is 4.5" square. 


12 Available - $2.50 each