Milk Glass Bud Vases

Tall and short sizes available.


Tall range in size from 7.5" - 10" high.

90 - vases available in this size. 


Short bud vased range in sizes from 6" to 7".

60 available in this size 


Rental cost - $1 each


"Maddisyn" Milk Glass Vase 

Milk glass vase measures 7" high with a 3.75" diameter.


Six available - Rental cost - $1.50


"Michelle" Milk Glass Vase 

Pretty vintage hobnail vase would be beautiful holding the bridal bouquet. 


Stands 9.5" high with a 5.25" dimeter. 


Six available  - $3 each


Sweet little vases are sized for when you just need a small pop of color.  Perfect with a small flower(s) and placed on the cocktail tables or added into the centerpieces.


Measure 3.78" high with a one inch diameter.


35 available - (in two styles shown)   $1.35 each 



Identical in size to Emery above just in a pretty amber color. 

Has a herringbone pattern and gold metallic rim. 

Goes beautifully with gold lanterns and candle holders.


Measure 3.78" high with a one inch diameter.


28 available -  $1.35 each 


Identical in size to Emery and Gina above just in a gorgeous silver color with metallic gold rim.


Measure 3.78" high with a one inch diameter.


15 available -  $1.35 each 

Vintage Glass Bottles 

Once medicine bottles and cold cream containers, these bottles are truly a treasure and quite possiby our favorite item in our inventory!


100+ bottles to choose from.


Rental cost .65 each

"Norah" Galvanized Containers

Galvanized containers  in four sizes as listed below...


XL measures  10.5" high with a 6" diamter

Quantity of six available

Rental Cost - $3.50 each


Large measures 7.5" with a 4.75" diameter

Quantity of seven available

Rental Cost $2.50 each


Medium measures 5.5" with a 5" diameter

Quantity of 29 available

Rental Cost $1.50 each


Small measures 3.25" with a 3.25" diameter 

Quantity of 65 available

Rental Cost $1 each