Small White Shutters

A pair of creamy white shutters to place on a table.

Louvers can open for card placement if needed. 

Or hang a banner or pictures for a fun accent on the sign in table. 

(Use for decor on indoor tables as the wind could topple.) 


Shutters measure 28" high x 48" wide.


Rental Cost - $10 for the pair

Pink Shutters

Pink shutters are the perfect back drop on a dessert buffet, memory table or anywhere a pop of sweetness is needed.


Doors are made up of three small shutters that are hInged together to allow for self standing.  Louvers can open for card placement if needed.


Shutters measure 22" high x 32" wide


One Available - Rental cost $10

Vintage Glass Globes

The lighting fixtures from long ago had these beautiful glass globes dazzling the bedrooms, bathrooms and entryways!  But we've taken them out of those hiding places, tucked fairy  lights inside and now offer these beautys as rentals to grace the sign-in table, bar or mantle at your vintage themed event!


X-Large Globe

Stunning elegance is how one could discribe this beauty!

Stands an impressive 17" high. 


One available - $15 Rental cost - fairy lights w/batteries are included


Medium Oblong Globe

Oblong globe is a perfect touch on a bar or mantle!


Measures 13" high


Five available


Rental cost $10 each - fairy lights with batteries are included.



Small Oblong Globe

Our smallest oblong globe is pictured on left.  Identical to the medium just more petite in size. 


Measures 10" high


Two available


Rental cost $6 - fairy lights with batteries are included.


Round Glass Globe

Sweet and sparkley!  Tuck onto the dessert bar for a bit of vintage glam! 


Measures 6" high


Six available 


Rental cost - $6 each - fariy lights with batteries are included.


Vintage 5x7 Frames for Table Numbers

These vintage 5x7 frames are beautiful, unique and absolutely perfect for table numbers!

Frames can be used with your table number insert or ours. 

(Three of our styles shown). 

Or use for pictures on the memory table!


Set a time to stop by and hand pick your favorites or let us know what you are looking for and we'll do our best to pick the prettiest.  We have 59 to choose from!  If you're short on time and need to have the table numbers included - we do have a few styles to choose from.


Frames empty and without table numbers - Rental cost $2 each


Frames with our table numbers included

Rental cost $2.50 each

Vintage 8x10 Frames

So many uses for these beautiful vintage frames!  Memory table, Bar, Engagement photos.  Print out the dinner menu and place in a frame.  Simple to do but makes quite a statement.

 Some frames are elaborate and others more of a simple design, but all are equally unique and beautiful! 


Set a time to hand pick those that work with your decor vision or tell us what you are looking for and we will do our best to choose for you!


20+ frames  

Rental cost - $4 each


Vintage 5x7 Frames

Needing just a small sign for a hashtag, dessert identification or a please sign?    These pretty vintage frames could be used for those needs and do it elegantly


10+ available -

$2.50 each


Vintage Glass Bottles 

Once medicine bottles and cold cream containers, these bottles are truly a treasure and quite possiby our favorite item in our inventory!


100 bottles to choose from.


Rental cost .65 each


Pink Suitcase's

It was love at first sight when we saw these beautiful suitcases!


The outside is a light brown/light rust color with brass accents. The inside is a beautiful satin material free from stains or odors. (There is that slight vintage smell, but who doesn't love that?!)

Smallest suitcase measures 17 1/2" wide x 12" deep - $10 Rental

Largest measures 21" wide x 13 1/2 deep - $10 Rental

Card Banner shown is also available for rent - $2

Prop Suitcases

Stack these suitcases for a photo prop.  They are lovely!


Three to choose from.


Rental cost - $7


Vintage Silverplate


Silver plated teapots

Use for tea at a tea party inspired event  - or add fresh flowers to  to create a beautiful vintage centerpiece!


18 teapots available in assorted styles - Rental cost $3 each


Round Serving Trays

Vintage Silverplate trays are lovely used for a centerpiece base.  

Measure 11" - 12" diameter


39 trays available.  All in a mis-matched style with pretty detailing on the edges.


$2 each


Vintage Typewriter 

Wanting a creative, vintage touch, not to mention something fun and unique to display the bar menu?  Consider using our vintage typewriter.  (Please note, typewriter is not in working condition. It is used for a prop only.)


One available - $10 rental 


(Etsy is a great tool for custom bar signs!)


Vintage Liquor Decanters

Tuck a few decanters on the bar for a vintage elegant look.

Beautiful pieces from days gone by!


15 decanters to choose from, each a different design.

Rental cost $3 each