Giant Jenga

Entertain your guests with this classic game!  Our giant jenga has 60 blocks, a platform for stability, a tiny hammer to help tap out the blocks and a custom box to carry it in.


One Available - $35 rental



Raise the jenga up off the ground!  Adding a spool adds height, which of course adds a higher level of excitement!

Two spools to choose from....

Our rustic spool is amazing! Inherited from a family member who had it for more than 30 years - this spool is one of our favorite pieces! 
Perfect for the rustic themed event!

Rental cost - $30

... prefer the cleaner look of a white spool? This spool is shabby and adorable!  We've painted it a warm white and then slightly distressed to bring out the brown undertones.

Rental cost is $25


Cornhole Game

Our cornhole game is super shabby and a whole lot of fun!  The boards are quality made from thick plywood to withstand heavy usage. Painted a warm white and slightly distressed to give it that "played with for years" look.  Scoreboard and rules sign are painted in the same warm white.


Set will include game boards, staked sign, vintage lucerne crate for sign placement, score board with rustic clips and 8 bean bags.



Rental cost $50

Ring Toss

Take a vintage pop bottle crate, add old glass bottles and wood rings and you have not only a fun game at your event, but a great conversation piece as well! 


Three styles to choose....


Coke crate with small coke bottles


Pepsi Crate with tall Pepsi bottles

Or a vintage popbottle crate with a fun mixture of old bottles.  Sprite, 7-up, Coke and Dr Pepper! 

Rental cost - $20 per game