“It's ALWAYS Tea Time!"        

                  - The Mad Hatter  


Tea cups and saucers

Are you having an afternoon tea bridal shower? 

We have 80 assorted tea cups and saucers available for rent.


Rental cost is $1.35 per each setting.



Adorable tea cup stand.

Will hold 4 cups and saucers.  Or use with our adorable mis-matched bowls to hold sugar packets.

Two available - $2.00 each

Mis-matched saucers

These assorted/mis-matched saucers are perfect for the Vintage themed wedding! Different colors and designs.

Sized just right for cake or horsd'oevres.


200 saucers available for rent. .60 each



Pedestal Servers

Bring a vintage touch to the buffet, dessert bar or tea party with these beautiful pedestal servers.  Or use just one for a perfect cutting cake display!


The large plates are dinner plate size while the smaller being saucer sized. Each pedestal has a clear glass stand and are all slightly different in height.

The un-matched dinner plates complement each other with their pretty shades of pinks, burgandy's and golds.  


Set a time to hand pick those that would work with your dessert table and/or cake vision or tell us what you are looking for and we'll do our best to pick for you!

Saucer size - Two available -  Rental cost $2 each

Dinner plate size  - 10 available - Rental cost $4 each


China 2-tier Pedestal Servers

Beautiful addition to a sweets table!

Two available in styles shown..


Dogwood design - $5 rental

Gold rimmed design - $5 rental