Meaningful Details Rental Agreement




Thank you for allowing us to be part of your celebration!  We look forward to being of service to you!




When transporting your own rentals, all rentals are allowed out for 3 days use if needed.  Rentals returned late will incur a $25.00 per day additional charge.  

Orders do need to be finalized by two weeks prior to event.

Payment options are cash, check or debit/credit card.

Personal checks will be accepted only if received two weeks prior to event date.

Credit/debit cards are accepted but a 3% convenience fee will be added.

A retainer fee of $50.00 will be collected at time of scheduling to hold the date requested.  This retainer fee will be applied towards balance due.

Cancellation of rental order can be up to 60 days before event with full retainer fee refunded.  If cancellation notice is less than 60 days from event, retainer fee will be forfeited.

No credit will be given for unused items once rented.  ________



All orders require a current credit card to be on file before rentals can be released.  If item(s) are missing or damaged this replacement cost would then be charged to credit card on file.  _______



If cancellation is received in writing 60 days prior to rental date, then retainer fee shall be refunded in full.  If after 60 days the event is cancelled, no retainer fee will then be refunded. ______



If client should choose to pick up and return rental items, the date and time will need to be coordinated with TMD and Client to insure both parties are available.

Only previously identified individual (name shall be added to contract) will be allowed for pick up and return of rented items if not signee of this contract.

If transporting your own rentals please note, rentals must be transported in an enclosed vehicle such as a pickup with canopy, SUV, enclosed trailer etc.

If arriving with an open vehicle to transport, rentals will not be released and order will be canceled. ______


DELIVERY AND/OR PICK UP AFTER EVENT:  If client chooses to have rental items delivered and/or picked up after event, a delivery fee and return fee will be added to rental cost.   Full balance of rental cost shall be collected before delivery can be made. 

Client agrees to have on site coordinator aware of rental items and have these items set aside after event readied for pick up from TMD

If TMD members spend additional time looking for rental items, an additional $50 will be charged to client.

Please note, a portage fee will be added if delivery locations are greater than 60 feet from our vehicle or if rental items need to be transported up or down stairs or steep slopes.  Discuss this with a TMD member and applicable fees will be added to rental order.



Client is responsible for all rental items from time of pickup to time of return. This responsibility covers all broken, damaged or lost items, including all storage crates, boxes and/or totes, bubble wrapping and chalkboard protective sleeves used for transporting rental items.  If candle totes are missing cardboard dividers a $25 charge per tote will be charged to client.

If chalkboard protective sleeves are missing, a replacement cost per sleeve will be charged to client.

Candleholders, mercury glass, vases etc. must be re-packed in the same condition as they were received.  Brass candlesticks must be free of wax.

Any rental item returned chipped, cracked or damaged from wax, will be considered broken/damaged and will be charged at replacement value.

Mercury glass candle holders cannot be used for vases or have wax candles.   Fuel cells only which are supplied can be used. 


GAME RENTAL:  If renting yard games please note that games and spools cannot get wet.  If rain is in the forecast for your event consider cancelling game order or moving indoors as a damage/drying cost will be charged to card on file. _____


CHALKBOARD RENTAL:  If renting chalkboards for your event, please note that we have two types of chalkboards.  One type of board that can have chalk use only and the others for chalk markers.  This will be discussed with you at rental to clarify which boards can use chalk/markers

Rain damage…. Rain causes considerable damage to chalkboards.  If returned with water damage replacement fee will be charged to client. _________


MASON JAR RENTAL:  If renting our mason/canning jars to use as candle holders, please note that all wax will need to be removed before return.

If wax has not been removed a $1.00 per jar cleaning fee will be charged and deducted from security deposit. _______



Client who's signature is on this contract is responsible for the use of rented items and assumes  all risk inherent in the operation and use of said items.  Client agrees to assume responsibility to pay rental costs, return rental items and indemnify and hold The Meaningful Details LLC, or our heirs, personal representatives or next of kin, harmless from any and all claims for damages to property or bodily injury (including death) resulting from the use of rental item(s).   If member(s) of TMD falls to accident, injury or any other emergency and cannot provide rental items on requested date, a full refund of any monies held will be refunded back to client and contract will be void .  Client agrees to pay collection fees and any other expenses incurred in collecting monies due under this agreement, in retaking items or otherwise in enforcing the terms of this contract. 


Client Signature___________________________________________ Date________________


TMD Members signature___________________________________ Date________________